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.C H A R A C T E R S.
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Lucas (19)
Loudness, brashness, cluelessness bordering on insensitivity at times. These are Lucas' special attributes. Typically cute, isn't he?
Lucas lives with Emil in their cosy little home. Unfortunately they are not a couple, so it isn't too cosy. He was separated from his family when he was still lovable, and can't remember much about them. Lucas likes to steal and plunder in his free time.

Emil (14)
More of a really skinny grizzly bear than a girl - irritable, grumpy and scratchy. Really dedicated to her job as an inventor and builder-of-things, oft losing sleep over her work. Which explains the excess baggage under her eyes and her pasty visage. Poor, poor emil.

George (he ain't telling)
A friendly(?) neighbourhood police officer who does more harm than good. Heck, the entire police force does more harm than good. Tired of his job and the shamelessly low pay, he's decided to flit around aimlessly when on patrol and bug hapless bystanders. *bugbugbug* Loves his smokes, can't live without em.

Brynn (8)
George's shrimpy brat of a half-brother. Ah yes, that explains the big age gap very conveniently. Loves dressing up like it's wintertime, and is very fond of stripes. And those 2 little ovals on his face are indicative of his rosy cheeks, mind you.

Ida (22)
As George's surbordinate, she routinely puts up with the weirdest misadventures he can think up. Might possibly have a very subtle romantic inclination towards him, them being quite close in age (so at least you know now that he's not 40).

Cal (21)
Another one of George's hapless sidekicks in the force. Abit of a shortie. Heck that's all i have for the moment cos even I don't know much about him yet.